6 reasons why everyone's excited for Fallout 4

6 – A voiced protagonist


Voiced Protagonist

In Fallout games past, we haven’t ever heardfrom the lone wanderer or the courier. Much like Gordon Freeman and Chell, they’ve never actually spoken a word in game, until now. This is going to change the entire atmosphere of the game, almost creating a movie-like sequence of events, as every single interaction with any npc will feel vastly different to the previous games. In both 3 and New Vegas it often felt like a lot of situations could have been solved very easily by the protagonist just speaking up, whereas now he/she’ll actually participate in a conservation, instead of standing there gormlessly nodding his/her head agreeing to everything.


5 – Player-built settlements


Player Constructed Settlements

Back in 2010 when New Vegas was released, a mod call Wasteland Defense was released, the idea being the player would slowly gather resources in order to defend against raiders and other ne’er do wells. Now obviously the modder, Elderwind, could only do so much with an engine that wasn’t designed for a feature anything like he wanted to make. Bethesda have taken this idea and expanded upon it, making it a core feature in the game, as you’ll see in the trailer below.

4 – Customisation


Weapon Crafting

Talk about customisation power armour, customisable weapons

In both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, armour and weapons were all of a certain standard, even with mods and dlc there wasn’t much variety to the way the combat revolved around a strict set of base stats. Now, they’ve taken a similar route that 2K and Gearbox took in making the weapon structure a lot more fluid. Instead of having a regular hunting rifle, you could attach a knife to the end of it to give you a bayonet, or you could attach a beam splitter to the end of a laser pistol and have a tri-laser pistol.


Not only that, but they’ve amped up the power armour as well, so you too can be Tony Stark, customising your armour down to the last detail including the paint job.

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You could have some light armour that protects against most ballistics and allows limited flight capabilities, or you would have it built like a brick and withstand most orbital bombardments. As it always is with Bethesda, the choice is yours.

Armour Crafting

3 – Combat


Fallout 4 Combat

One of the biggest improvements in the entire game series has to be the combat. Now it’s been reworked by ID software, famous creators of the DOOM series, to make it feel more like a modern-day shooter. This doesn’t mean copy-pasted chest high walls, but it means that they’re not going to use the excuse that it is, at it’s core an rpg, to have terrible combat. Also, V.A.T.S has been revamped to not be an all-powerful tool of utter destruction. It was always used as an ‘aim-for-me’ button and never anything else. The killcam was always satisfying but it was never a useful or skillful feature. Instead of stopping time, V.A.T.S slows it down, meaning you’ll have time to pick your shots, sure, but don’t walk away from the game for too long because that raider’s still coming to chop your head off.


2 – The new environment(s)


Fallout 4 Environment

Most of Fallout’s appeal is in its environments, the story is great and the characters are intriguing, but the barren, rusted, desolate world the vault dweller lives in is what really makes the game come alive. In both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, locations are mentioned in Boston, and until now we all believed we’d never actually see what they were talking about, or that it was some off-hand comment. But now, places like ‘The institute’ and ‘The commonwealth’ will likely be explorable, and we can indulge our collective curiosity.


However, this is just the beginning. Speaking of the beginning, in the trailer it would quite obviously appear that the player gets to explore the world before the nuclear apocalypse, when everything was fine and dandy and there wasn’t a problem under the sun. We’ll get to see that 1950’s stylisation of 2077, before the reckoning and sleeping until 2277.
2077 Environment

1 – The story



Interestingly, we haven’t been given much about the story, except that at the start it’s set in 2077, and then we wake up 200 years later in 2277. But we do know, that we get the choice between a robot and a dog. GO TEAM CODSWORTH!

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