Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard

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After getting Google Cardboard we looked for the Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard and surprisingly found very little about which apps are awesome and which ones plain suck! So here is our review of as many of the VR applications we could find / install (if we missed your app just give us an email here)


Titans of Space is an exploratory and educational app that flies you around our solar system and gives you some information about the surrounding planets. The graphics of the planets are very detailed and the size is to scale.

Titans features a beautiful sound track, 50 minutes of narration (through the paid version). If you are just getting started with VR applications then this is a fantastic addition to your library.

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Cosmic Rollercoaster is a Roller coaster through space! It really is an enjoyable experience however I found the graphics slightly lagging behind some other applications we had tried out and sometimes it was difficult to tell which direction to face for the best show! I imagine if you spend some time inside of the app you would see some amazing sights!


Tilt Brush Gallery, We used Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive at EGX Birmingham 2015 and it was EPIC, however on the Google Cardboard version it is only a viewer. It allows you to view drawings and watch them getting drawn in 3D its still a great experience but it cannot live up to using Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive.


Monzo, The app itself is not Cardboard compatible but it has an exhibit mode which shows you all of the models you have created in 3D VR for google cardboard. Its pretty epic but its not very natural to access. They could make the entire app on the cardboard and add controller support for that.


RollerCoaster VR, This app is frustrating, first we tried to launch it but it wouldn’t let us in without registering, then it let us run the track a few times, just as we tried to write this article it then demanded we buy the app. so we uninstalled and do not recommend. Shame because it showed promise.


Interactive space exploring game, you walk around your ship and you can control it towards planets, speed up, slow down, pan, tilt etc all from looking at the controls in the cockpit, feels quite natural to control after just a few minutes you’ll be exploring space!


A Really quick, easy and fun game, you play a firefly bug that has to flee through a series of  treacherous tunnels and these are fun to fly around and have a real sense of depth to them (given its all cartoon style) really worth a download.


Village for Google Cardboard, In this app you fly around a village and can look around, The graphics are pretty good for mobile, I can’t help but compare it to World of Warcraft as the graphics are very similar to the original version


This is Orbulus. You start floating in a room full of Orbs, then look at one for a few seconds and you are teleported to that location, you can then look around 360 degrees and enjoy the view, look at your feet and suddenly the original orbs appear again. Very good user interface and quick to get to grips with, great for exploring the globe.



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