EGX 2015! The full review

Fragers have only just recovered from the awesomeness that was EGX 2015! We had 4 days of checking out the stands like the TIE Fighter display, the Dota 2 tournaments and grabbing a dogtag from the stand. We played Total War: Arena and messed around in the virtual world of the HTC Vive, plucking airplanes from the sky and checking out the secret shop of Dota 2 up-close!

Vault Boy (FAllout 4) EGX 2015

Star Wars Battlefront

The main thing that drew everyone to EA's Battlefront stand was the giant TIE Fighter display, a ship from the classic movies that is actually playable in the game itself! Although none of the crew got a go on the game itself as the queues were 3 hours minimum, from what we saw and heard about it the game is a blast! And of course, it's still being developed, with the beta being released on October 9th.


Mert from

After spending countless hours sifting through the endless merchandise and memorabilia vendors, I found a unique stand where I could personalise a bullet or dogtag to have anything I wanted written on it. Speaking to Mert, owner of I got a dogtag engraved with my gamertag, definitely something worth picking up that stands out from everything else, I'll never forget the event!

Creative Assembly

Total Warhammer and Total War: Arena both had a large presence as the latest Creative Assembly have to offer in the way of historical large scale RTS'. In Arena, you can play as most race in history, including the Greeks, Romans and the Persians. The 15 minute time limit hugely increases the incentive to actually fight instead of hide around the map, making watching the fight a lot better because anyone, even someone who doesn't remotely like real-time-strategy games can watch the battle on par with a scene from any of the Lord Of The Rings films. The Warhammer equivalent is very similar but with the massive collection of Warhammer lore.


HTC Vive

One of the more mysterious and alluring stands was Valve's HTC Vive. As a huge VR competitor, the Vive was so popular, bookings for the entire day were finished in the first 15 minutes! The crew managed to all have at least one session over the weekend, and it was mind-blowing.

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I've seen the Playstation 4, I've seen the Xbox One. Neither of those are what I'd class as 'next-generation', whereas this is a massive step beyond the VR to date, allowing you to actually get up from your chair, use intuitive controllers and walk around a virtual room that is mapped to the exact dimensions of the actual room. Some of the rooms included Valve's own series like Dota 2 and Portal, but there were some arguably more interesting ones like the art program tiltbrush, where you could draw in a 3D environment, much like when you draw with a sparkler on November 5th, except the trail of the sparkler is left there permanently. With Valve's backing, we think that will outsell other VR products by a country mile.

HTC Vive w/ controllers

Dota 2

Wandering around, I sat down to eat my lunch, and stumbled on the Dota 2 tournaments! All day every day, anyone could have a go, if they were hardened veterans or complete newcomers, it didn't matter. It made it a lot more enjoyable than the professional Dota 2 tournaments like TI (The Internationals) as it means there's absolutely no requirement, creating a lot of chaos in the whole the team dynamic, which is often a lot more entertaining to watch than the structured teamwork that professional teams have.

Dota 2 EGX 2015

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