School/College Clubs

Weekly GamersBus Clubs

Our GamersBus clubs offer the perfect after school entertainment or college event! Children and young adults can come together to create social connections, have access to high end gaming equipment and the opportunity to take part in our team tournaments.

What is a GamersBus club?

It’s a unique, inspiring and engaging mobile gaming theatre for recreational, education and social engagement for ages 7 years and up. With up to 30 concurrent participants, (Depending on activities) offering an environment that is safe, fun, engaging and appealing to all ages through the use of converted double-decker buses!


For Fun and new opportunitiesā€¦

Running in the evenings, the GamersBus runs gaming clubs for its players with costs subsided through its close links with the games industry. These would be held in 30 minute sessions costing the player as little as Ā£5 for a session. The possibility to host separate sessions for younger and older children allows ease of access to mature games (For the older attendants).

Clubs allow young adults to challenge their maturity and become young helpers, allowing them to assist in the management of the children. This creates fantastic opportunities for young adults to get some experience under their belt for their future!

What are the Benefits?

Educational Benefits:

  • Education through the games medium
  • Stimulates learning through novelty, curiosity and challenge
  • Create social connections
  • Mentally Stimulating
  • Builds Relationships
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Access to high end technology beyond the budgets of many students/schools
  • Especially effective at engaging special needs participants

Other Benefits:

  • Create virtual experiments that come to life in real time
  • Improves concentration and focus on activities
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Reduction in reaction times
  • Hand-eye coordination

Available for both adult and kids parties Pro Gaming Equipment to suit your theme


A little more info on our buses

  • Capable of hosting up to 45 players with use of marquee
  • Luxurious setting with air conditioning, mood lighting and an optional external marquee
  • Available for both adult and children’s parties
  • Your choice of game genres (game options will be age appropriate for players attending)

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