Event Features

Event Features

Specialized areas

At Fragers we have the equipment, the experience and capability to run specialized zones. These could be from a small area with a stage to 100 Player gaming zones. We have supplied all of the major gaming and pop culture events in the UK and also into Europe. We have NEVER been beaten on price, capacity, flexibility and quality. Contact us today to arrange a call.

Meet our promotional buses


Our Buses are over 10m long and 4m high. These behemoth promotional vehicles are NEVER missed. your branding will be seen by thousands not just at any event the bus travels to, but on the road as well, multiplying the number of effective impressions you reach with just the cost of a static road sign.


The world is our venue. We’ve been everywhere from countrside locations to bustling town centres, train stations, football stations, shopping centres, universities, schools and commercial parks. If we can drive there we can put on a show.


  • Public promotions & large scale events
  • Increasing product/brand awareness
  • Providing a positive gaming experience


We have done this at many events before. Resonate, 4TG, Kidtopolis and we take a variety of content for zones including 18+, 100 player Fortnite and apex, Retro, Kids (Minecraft, Roblox), VR, and many more to many different events around the UK. we have done hundreds of these for events big and small from gaming events to comic cons.


Thanks to our partnership with RAZER and ASUS we can supply all our own equipment; screens, keyboard, mice, and tables we have it all and ready to be deployed with quick and easy setup


We always supply networking capabilities so we can access online multiplayer games. This is vital for games like Fortnite as they have to be online to be able to work so we supply our own network cables and set it all up ourselves along with our lan cache for the best download speeds

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