Virtual reality anywhere at any time

The VR Van has travelled across the UK supporting events from EGX to 4TG. and is also available to hire for personal VR experiences at home. Enter a mobile, pre-built green-screen, VR studio where 2 players can enjoy full room scale VR together. Can also extend to deploying more VR stations at the venue if requested.

The experince

One Bubble Birthday parties and experiences

Want to take your party to a whole new world? With the VR van you can!
With a huge selection of multiplayer and single-player games and mixed reality experiences to choose from this is the perfect way for you to enter a whole new reality. Rock out to some songs on Beat Saber or create art masterpieces with Tilt Brush. The options are limitless with 18+ games also available.

Want to film yourself in the game? then we can arrange that as well with our Greenscreen & Mixed reality setups. we can even offer enhancements like gun stocks for shooting games to give you the feel of holding the weapons, great when doing a multiplayer experience

Just send us your Name, Post Code, Date what you want and contact details and we will get back to you with a quote!

Promotional events

Got a new game that you want people to demo or display

The VR Van is fully set up to handle all ranges of games with high-end equipment provided by our partners at ASUS and HTC.
With a green screen interior providing the perfect opportunity to capture gameplay from a 3rd person perspective to show how your players look whilst playing the game.

with the van’s ability to travel anywhere at any time it is perfect to demo your game at any location whenever and wherever.


  • Public promotions & large scale events
  • Increasing product/brand awareness
  • Providing a positive gaming experience

Covid - 19

In compliance with the most recent government guidelines we are ready to start operating the VR van again, The VR gear will be constantly wiped down and sanitized as well. All staff will have face shields and will be wiping down surfaces and hand sanitizer available when people enter and leave the van and use the equipment.

Green Screen

The green screen capabilities of the van mean we can create videos for you and have a 3rd person perspective camera on a Screen outside the van showing everyone what the player is experiencing inside.


The staff we have onsite with you adds to the experience. Fully trained and with thousands of hours of experience working across Europe making sure everyone is having fun and helping everyone have the best experience possible. They all have expertise in different games so can answer every question anyone can throw at them!

Want to hire our VR Van?