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Event Staffing and Booths

We have been trusted by RAZER for many years as a lead event supplier to their european events. From staffing booths to creating campaigns and creating and running the hugely successful and well know RAZERBUS. We helped them successfully launch the original RAZER Phone in London and we helped them launch the London RAZER Store as well. We normally work alongside RAZER European head office staff and make sure they have all they need and to help them adapt to an event environment and advise them on what to be prepared for. We also helped Razer partners such as Syndicate and Pyrocynical with there booths and coordination at events as well from setup to maintaining and pack down. All our peripherals across our event activities are sponsored and supplied by Razer as well. They are our first and most Significant Partner in Fragers History.


The RAZERBUS has become one of their biggest hits at events in the past with people queuing up consitantly to experience the 'Cult of Razer'. Its been used for turn key booth space, giving amazing flexibility to the Razer Events team to react to budget availability and significantly increase the amount of events they attend. Its also been used as a mobile studio with YouTubers or celebrities on there as well so they have the option to live stream or to do meet and greets as well. Even driving along the road on the way to events people are constantly taking photos and tweeting out pictures of the bus! Its also been used for meetings at events, offering a quiet space for our clients to discuss business.

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