Event Management & Staffing

Event Management & Staffing

People who love to talk about games

We have staff trained and experienced in making any event run as smoothly as possible. This goes from great knowledge of games, hardware and equipment to the planning, logistics, and delivery of events


All our staff always go the extra mile when it comes to taking events to another level. Having run hundreds of events from 100 players battle royal zones, virtual reality and so much more. The versatility of our staff's breadth of knowledge, as well as experience, is uncomparable.


Having run hundreds of events around Europe with many different companies and gaming events from the likes of Gamescom and IFA to Insomnia and Kidtropolis with the ability to set up areas and booths for shows to then see the show out and pack down as well. We also are experts in the planning and logistics of events as and this is all proven by the return and continued business of some of the worlds biggest brands.


When it comes to engaging with people, there is no one better. Most of our staff are career extroverts fully confident in their abilities to communicate with visitors and clients alike. With backgrounds in client facing technical or retail roles as well as having experience of the games industry and its community. We always strive to make sure the customers are kept entertained, informed, inspired and happy.

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