Republic of Gamers

Republic of Gamers

Bespoke Exhibition

Turn Key ROGBUS tour management

ASUS Republic of Gamers approached us to produce a high end Exhibition bus that could tour across the UK, attending both Major events and also local events and tour shopping centres, universities etc. We are trusted with fully representing ASUS ROG on Social media via our specific ROGBUS channels set up and allocated quarterly budgets to plan tours and events. As a full turn key solution ASUS are able to benefit from incredible exposure at events, on the road and at locations of high footfall. Every Quarter we produce ROI reports with a full breakdown of activations and metrics which can be reported back to their Global HQ. We are also trusted to operate their booths and negotiated on their behalf to reduce event costs. We are also Screen partner with ROG and promote their monitor products at events.

Continuous Improvements at no extra cost

During the course of the tours we continued to maintain the ROGBUS and when an external opportunity was found we upgraded to a newer, faster and more effective Bus at no extra cost to the client. This allowed the client to show evolution in their ROGBUS just like they do in their product. The ROGBUS MK2 is currently the most advanced bus in the Fragers Fleet.😘

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